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Spencer Group Engineering was originally established by founding director Wayne Spencer in 1993, and over several decades the company has grown to become a successful firm of highly skilled engineers. 

The firm, originally called Wayne Spencer & Partners Pty Ltd, has recently rebranded as Spencer Group Engineering Pty Ltd, as head engineers Michael Spencer & Jason Howlett step up into Directorial roles.  It is an exciting time for the firm, which continues to grow rapidly, as their reputation for reliability and professional spreads further within the construction industry.

To date, the firm currently employs thirteen engineers, with a supporting staff of specialist CAD draftpesons, as well as administration staff.  This hardworking team continues to deliver the high standard of work their clients have come to expect over the years.

They have recently moved to a larger premises to accommodate their growing demands, and now occupy the top floor of Pakenham's newest office development, located in the centre of town.

T h e new home of Spencer Group Engineering in Pakenham, while under construction.

The new home of Spencer Group Engineering in Pakenham, while under construction.


With a demonstrated record in most facets of structural and civil engineering, they are also at the forefront of advances in areas of large industrial complexes, warehouse, cold storage and manufacturing plants.  Their reputation also extends into large, open planned retail and shopping centre developments.



The companys main aim is to always provide outstanding service.  This is the reason for their success, and the key to their future growth.  They always strive to provide comprehensive service throughout all stages of a project, and treat every query from both client and site staff alike with urgency.  They understand that an economical project is not solely based on design, but also on the timely flow of information during the construction stage. 


The continual growth of Spencer Group Engineering could not be possible without clients who are happy to come back time and time again.  The success of the company is built on returning clients who know that they have found a team they can rely on.  And when given the opportunity to show new clients what they can do, the team are winning new repeat clients all the time.


Spencer Group Engineering provide structural and civil engineering services for a large range of projects, and a selection of past projects is available here for you to review.

The firm collaborates with many traditional clients such as architects, shire councils, schools and universities, however a large proportion of their workload is for some of Australia's foremost design and construct building contractors, who rely on their services to ensure the quality of the completed projects is achieved at the lowest cost. 

They are also often engaged to re-document projects that have been designed and tendered by others, with the aim of achieving significant cost savings.  For example, a reduction in the weight of structural steel required for a project in the order of 30% is not uncommon.


  • The Spencer Group team work in an open planned office, where all staff have immediate access to senior members of the staff and each other. They believe that working in such an accessible environment improves communication and productivity.

  • For each individual job, they like to take an active approach in the early stages of project conception, in association with the full consultant team and the relevant stakeholders, to ensure that their broad engineering expertise can have maximum influence on the project at its outset.

  • They have a detailed design and documentation process, which is streamlined in-house using our own design and drafting software, standardised detailing and comprehensive checklists to eliminate the chance of error and to ensure build-ability

  • Their documentation is thorough, comprehensive, and clearly understood. This assists other consultants to eliminate clashes and make life easier for shop detailers and onsite construction staff. The fact that they are often recommended to clients by structural steel and precast concrete shop detailers who are impressed with their documentation is testament to this.

  • With a long history in the industry, particularly with design and construct builders whom provide continual feedback, and also through experience as an expert witness in building failures, they have developed a great understanding of how to eliminate not only major failures, but also the small problems than can be a source of annoyance to the client.

  • For each project, the firm assigns a project engineer, who stays with the project from start through to finish. This project engineer is the single point of contact through its duration, and this ensures the smooth transfer of information and matters that need careful follow through during construction are addressed.

  • All members of the team are continually upgrading their skills through in-office training and external courses and seminars.

  • All members of the team are also long-term - once you are employed within the company, you will never want to leave! Contentment with the workplace is a major factor to a productive employee, and the firm is proud of the fact that they have only had two professional staff leave in fifteen years. Everyone in the office shares the same passion for providing outstanding service combined with quality engineering, and enjoy working as a team.


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